Florist, plant enthusiast and photographer, Ken Marten, has been taking pictures since inheriting his father's Pentax 35mm SLR camera in his youth. As a qualified florist working for the renowned McQueens Flowers, a simple point and shoot digital camera became his tool for documenting his floral creations from 2007, sharing them on Flickr, where he built a dedicated audience.

Towards the end of 2012, Ken set up his own company Hermetica London selling bespoke terrariums and plant styling services, Instagram being the perfect medium to promote his business. As one of the very first companies to anticipate the sudden interest in all things green and growing, his services were much in demand and received healthy media coverage (see links below).

A hiatus from floristry and styling in 2015 enabled him to return to his native Wales and develop his love of photographing the hills, forests and coasts, which were always the inspiration behind many of his floral designs and the very places he first learned to take pictures.

As of 2018, Ken has taken up residence in Vienna, Austria and hopes to continue his photographic exploration across the eastern fringes of Europe.

Recently Ken's photographic work has been featured on The Plant Hunter blog. He has received many requests to make his images available as prints, hence the creation of this website.